There are many different styles of Qigong practice.. Some say that there are hundreds of different styles, and others would suggest that there’s even thousands of different practices. There isn’t necessarily one correct way of practicing Qi Gong but there is an ideal method for you. I truly believe that all of them work as long as you find ‘your’ style!.

There are roughly three broad categories of Qi Gong:

The first is martial arts preparation. This style of Qigong is more physical in nature, and will help to strengthen and prepare the body before martial arts practice. While this is still health-promoting it isn’t as beneficial for long-term health as some of the other styles. However, there definitely are benefits to this style of practice.

The second style of Qi Gong is Medical.  This is probably the most common form of Qi Gong practiced around the world. It is primarily focused on building health and wellness, without causing any harm to the body. There are institutions and organizations that consider Medical Qigong to be a very specific style of practice. I am suggesting that Medical Qigong is a broad style of practice that can apply to many different traditions.

The third style of Qi Gong is Spiritual. This could be a Buddhist or Taoist in origin and while they may appear the same on the surface the underlying philosophy can be quite different.

In order to have a good qigong practice that is health promoting, calming for the mind, and can slow down the aging process there are three essential elements that are necessary. In this video I will discuss these elements.

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