Simple is best!

If you ever feel bored or restless during meditation, yoga, tai chi, or qigong practice you are not alone! In this day and age it is very common to feel overwhelmed, overstimulated, and frenzied because there is so much stimulus around us. This is called being “up-regulated.” 

Meditation, and qigong can definitely help us “down-regulate” and undo some of the over stimulation that we are experiencing. It is important to note that sometimes you can easily down-regulate after one time practicing, other times it will take several sessions. The important key is to persist.

In this day and age of instant results (such as “googling” all of our questions) we have closed down the “space” to allow ourselves to linger in the unknown, to relax, and to return to a state of peacefulness. Our body wants us to be healthy, happy and full of vitality, we just have to get out of our own way, unwind, breathe, and let our qi flow!

Here is an extremely easy qi gong routine that I learned from a very nice doctor in Taiwan. Don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity, it works really well! Try it and see!

If you really want to “down-regulate” yourself, come join the Communi Qi and go through the 30 Days of Qigong. I am sure you will feel calmer, stronger, and clear minded!