Anxiety, stress, and depression are one of the most common reasons people practice qi gong. Qi gong practice is actually very helpful with these issues. It helps in a very ‘passsive’ manner, meaning that you don’t need to know exactly what you are doing for it to be helpful. If you see a counsellor or pyschologist the treatment is very ‘active.’ If you practice this qi gong routine regularily it will dissolve anxiety that is in your system that you know about, and dissolve what you don’t know about.

Start by practicing along with the video for 5-8 times. Once you know all the movements then practice on your own. You can lengthen the amount of time of each exercise as you ‘feel’ but try not to shorten it too much.

It’s worth mentioning that all full qi gong routines are extremely helpful for anxiety, this is just a simple and easy routine that you can do anywhere and anytime!