Beginner Qigong – Lifting the qi with Jeffrey Chand

This video features special guests at the 7 minute mark!

Here is a simple qigong exercise that you can do once or twice a day that will help to:
-increase energy
-brighten the mind
-calm stress and anxiety
-help you feel uplifted and energized

There are many different routines and styles of qi gong but I think that the simple exercises are the best for beginners because we are more likely to practice more often.

This is one of those exercises! It helps:
-clear qi stagnation in the heart, chest, and pericardium meridian
-calm liver qi
-lift heart qi

This is a unique video because we have some very special visitors come say hello at around the 7 minute mark!

To get the full benefit of qi gong practice I would highly recommend practicing full routines. You can find plenty different routines in the “Communi Qi”