In this video we will practice a Qigong exercise and routine that can help build your feeling of self-esteem, internal strength, and confidence.

Everyone needs a strong sense of identity. We need to know that we can rely, trust, and depend on ourselves in a variety of situations. We need to trust our body, our mind, and our Spirt. When we have trust in ourselves, then it becomes easier to have confidence in the world around us.

It is ideal to have a strong sense of resilience, and self dependancy. We can use internal dialogue to create the thoughts of self-assurance, but we also need to embody the feeling of confidence. 

This simple Qigong exercise “Tiger Emerging” can help us feel more confidence, like a strong healthy Tiger!

This practice is excellent for:

  • the shoulders and chest
  • the posture
  • the heart qi
  • the lung qi

It’s excellent to practice daily, especially if you want to let your vibrant inner tiger emerge!

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Be well, be clear minded, and keep moving forward!