Qigong practice is very versatile. You don’t need specific clothing, no special equipment, and you don’t require much space.You can practice Qigong:

  • in a small bedroom
  • outside in your backyard
  • in the forest
  • or even in a tiny office

…anywhere, as long as you have enough room to stand up and move your arms around you.

In this video, we will discuss “where to practice Qigong”

… but I am not referring to the location.

What I am talking about is where in your Self do you practice Qigong.

What does that mean?

Imagine this…

If you are learning a sport for the first time, maybe tennis or pickleball (which seems to be very popular these days!) you have to learn many physical skills.
So, you are learning in your body.

When you go to university and take a physics class, it challenges your intelligence, memory, and intellect –  you learn in your mind.

Now imagine you are a world class singer and songwriter, performing your music for a captive audience… you would probably speak from you heart.

Qigong can be approached in the same way.

We can practice from:

  • the body
  • the mind
  • the heart

… and ultimately all 3 at the same time.

In order to do this, we don’t need specific techniques, simply the intention. We can choose to have a clear and affirmative intention to move, breathe, and be Present in our body, mind, and heart.

How does this affect our Qigong Practice?

Firstly, a heart centered practice just feels good! We feel present, alive, connected to the space around us, and ourself. We feel our senses, we notice our useful and unnecessary thoughts, and we feel our emotions.

We feel like an animal living on planet Earth, and we feel connected to the most creative and intelligent part of our human mind.

The best thing is that… we have all experienced this already.

We have all had moments where we felt completely aligned in our body, present in the here and now, and engaged in the moment. Perhaps it only lasted a few moments in the past, but with practice we can experience this every time we practice Qigong.

When we do, we offer ourselves the best opportunity to

  • find balance
  • release anxiety, tension, and stress
  • find energy, and vitality
  • and heal

All Qigong practices can be heart centered, but here are a few routines that are easy experience this state:

Qigong for the Heart and Shen

Qigong for Anxiety and Chest Tightness

and if you are interested in joining the Communi Qi, you can practice one of our most popular routines:

Heart Healing Qigong

and Peaceful Shen

Until next time, keep your heart qi moving smoothly!