It is a busy and stressful time. With all the ‘doom and gloom’ around us in the news, social media, conversations, and community it’s hard not to feel ‘dragged down’ by it all.

It has become the norm to feel overwhelmed, angry, depressed, and anxious about our current times, and the future.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way…

In this video, we discuss a very simple reminder – to Create your Calm.

Create Your Calm

It would be great if we all lived in a peaceful, uplifting, and tranquil environment – just being present in such a space would be beneficial. But, unfortunately, we don’t all live in such surroundings.

If we are in place where there is negativity, high emotions, and a lack of harmony, then we need to create calm ourselves.

Creating Calm sounds like a good idea – and it is! But, how do we do this?

There are plenty of ways to create calm around us such as:

  • limiting ‘bad news’
  • reduce time on social media
  • remove negative people from social circles
  • positive affirmations
  • decorating your space

… but the most important thing we can do… is create the intention of being Calm.

When we have a clear intention, we will naturally make good choices, and subconsciously find positivity and peacefulness!

Of course, Qigong practice is an excellent time to actually practice being Calm. Most practices and routines will help encourage this Calm state and trigger the “relaxation response” that is healing for body, mind, and Spirit.

Here are a few practices that can help:

Qigong for a Calm and Clear Mind  – Very simple practice

Gathering the Qi Practice – energizing and rejuvenating practice

Qigong for Calming and Grounding – easy practice, helps you feel connected with the Earth

If you really would like to create Calm I would highly encourage one of our new practices that is in the Communi Qi called “Sending the Light”

We have many full Qigong routines that will help you feel relaxed, and blissed out in the Communi Qi ?

…just remember that creating Calm begins with the intention.

Until next time!